Capitolshots Photography has images of the following Canadian legislative buildings available.  Please click to see the entire collection of photos for each building.

All photos Copyright Capitolshots Photography, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Photos of the Alberta Legislature Building in Edmonton. The building was designed by Allan Merrick Jeffers and Richard Blakey. The Alberta Legislature Building, a Beaux-Arts structure, was completed in 1913.

Photos of the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg. The building was designed by Frank Worthington Simon and Henry Boddington III. The Manitoba Legislative Building, a Classical Revival structure, was completed in 1920.

Photos of the Ontario Legislative Building in Toronto. The building was designed by Richard A. Waite. The Ontario Legislative Building, a Richardsonian Romanesque structure, was completed in 1893.

Photos of the Quebec Parliament Building (Hotel du Parlement du Quebec) in Quebec City. Designed by Eugene-Etienne Tache, the Quebec Parliament Building, a Second Empire structure, was built between 1877 and 1886.

Photos of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building in Regina. The building was designed by Edward Maxwell and William Sutherland Maxwell. The Saskatchewan Legislative Building, a Beaux-Arts structure designated a National Historic Site of Canada, was built in 1911.

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