Fairfax County Courthouse (Fairfax, Virginia)
Fairfax County Courthouse (Fairfax, Virginia)

Welcome to Capitolsthoughts, the blog for Capitolshots Photography.

Capitolshots has been in existence for close to 25 years now.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve spent a lot of time upgrading its appearance. 

With the upgrade in appearance complete, I want to start sharing content beyond just the images I’ve shared for years.  That’s where Capitolthoughts comes into play.

I plan to use Capitolthoughts for a variety of purposes.  I will use Capitolthoughts as a clearinghouse for news related to courthouse renovation, construction and demolition.  With over 3,000 counties and county-equivalents in the United States, there will always be many counties throughout the country in the middle of renovating historic courthouses or planning and constructing new courthouses.  Simultaneously, there are always ongoing discussions on what to do with the older courthouses being replaced, whether converting to a new use or demolishing buildings now too costly to maintain.

Please feel free to submit any news about planned new courthouses, or courthouses under construction or renovation, to me at info@capitolshots.com.

I will also use Capitolthoughts to share more of my own personal observations of the photos I take and the types of buildings I photograph.

I’ve included with this post an image of the Fairfax County Courthouse, in Fairfax, Virginia.  The Fairfax courthouse was the first courthouse I photographed with my Nikon D3 in 2008.  I’ve used a Nikon D3 for all of the photos on this website.  Two D3 bodies, actually, as my original D3 finally died in 2018 after nearly a million shutter releases.


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