Water Tower (Plaquemine, Louisiana)
Water Tower (Plaquemine, Louisiana)

Images of seven Louisiana water towers have been added to Capitolshots Photography.  These are the first Louisiana water tower images to be added to the site.

Water towers? Yes, these images are a bit of an outlier on a site which otherwise dedicates itself to architectural photography*, 99% of which is of American and Canadian governmental architecture.

But I view this collection as being more than just a collection of courthouses and capitols. To me, at its heart, this is a collection of photos which helps tell the story of America (and Canada!), photos which help to provide a sense of place.  I believe water towers fit into that theme.

Though I haven’t been nearly as thorough about photographing water towers over the years as I have been with courthouses, capitols, and city halls, the images of 148 water towers currently in the collection provide this sense of place, especially to smaller cities and towns too small to be county seats with their own courthouses.

Plus, they’re fun to photograph!

In addition to images of Louisiana water towers, Capitolshots Photography also has images of Colorado water towers, Kansas water towers, Oklahoma water towers, and, most of all Texas water towers.  The collection of Texas water towers is broken into four separate collections.

Expanding the collection of water tower images will be a focus of Capitolshots over the coming years.

(*Oh, and the primary focus on *just” American and Canadian governemental architecture?  That will be expanding as well.  The photos have bene taken over the last couple of years.  I’ve just got to get through the editing backlog to create the new, more international section.)

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