Kentucky State Capitol (Frankfort, Kentucky)
Kentucky State Capitol (Frankfort, Kentucky)

The dome of the Kentucky State Capitol is currently under renovation.

Visitors to the Frankfort capitol will see the dome enveloped in scaffolding.  Renovation work on the dome began in 2022.  Renovations to the dome were originally scheduled for completion in 2024, but the reonvation process has uncovered additional necessary repairs, stretching the anticipated completion date until 2025.

Renovations to the dome are part of plans to renovate the entire structure, which was completed in 1910.  Work on the main portion of the building will commence after the completion of the 2025 legislative session.

Latest estimates for the overall cost of the renovations are nearing $300 million.

Images of the Kentucky State Capitol are included in the collection of state capitol photos, a collection which includes between 45 and 115 images of all 50 state capitols.  

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